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Welcome to NJ-Horse

Welcome to my personal Horse Blog!

I’m an avid equestrian, located in probably one of the places you’d least thing of when you think of horses.. New Jersey!

Crazy how suburbia can make someone love country life.

Anyhow, I made this blog to connect with other equestrian in N.J since there can’t be that many of us here.

A little about me, so you know I’m not a weirdo

I work as as insurance agent, and my husband is a real estate agent. So if you need a house let me know, he can help.

I have no kids, and my biggest hobby as you can guess is horse back riding.

Join me

Want to go riding with me?

Awesome, just one question.

Are you a serial killer?

Well tell me a little about yourself, so I can be sure 🙂

What type of horse do you like to ride?W

Where do you like to ride?

email me at ray@nj-horse.com