Why I picked my Chiropractor (and it Wasn’t Down to Chiropractic Marketing)

If you ride horses, you know there’s a good chance you’ll get back pain.Back pain is the worst. The absolute worst. And sick of suffering, I decided to get a chiropractor to help me sort it out.

Trouble was. There are loads of Chiropractors out there and I didn’t know the first thing about what makes a good one. So, clever chiropractic marketing strategies aside, here are a few of the things I looked at when deciding who to go with.

I asked my doctor

They are the ones who should know what they’re talking about when it comes to health after all. I asked my doctor who they thought was a skilled and trustworthy Chiropractor.

It doesn’t have to be a doctor though. You can ask anyone you know that has seen a Chiropractor whether they were happy with the treatment they received. And if you get more than one person giving the same name, then you can be pretty confident that they’re decent.


I interviewed Chiropractors

I mean, getting a new client is kind of like getting a new job so it makes sense. If they’re any good they should be prepared to answer your questions.

I asked about their qualifications and experience, the techniques they use, and about the clinic in general. Although, I did have to Google the techniques and stuff beforehand, so that I knew what they were talking about.


I did my own background check

We all Google our dates and stalk them on social media. So I think it’s understandable that I couldn’t resist doing the same when it came to a potential healthcare provider.

What if I had taken their word for everything and then it turned out that one Google search is all it would take to find out that they’re the Harold Shipman of Chiropractors? (if you don’t know who that is, Google it, it’s not a good thing).