Words of Wisdom: Don’t Make Friends With Rich People

While I was at university, I had some rich friends. I don’t mean like, Mummy and Daddy paid for my tuition fees rich. I mean ‘I’m just nipping to Copenhagen for dinner’ kind of rich. I’m dead serious, this girl flew to Denmark, for ONE meal.

Now, I’m not saying I struggled for money. But I was averagely well off I guess. I could afford rent and food and stuff by working a part time job like a regular person. But I couldn’t drop, say, $200 on dinner a couple of times a week.

Do you know how hard it is to keep up with people that have that kind of money? It’s literally insane. One time I worked 2 8 hour shifts on consecutive days. One of my friends left to go to a wedding in Dubai and came back again within that time frame. She literally left later than me on Saturday and was back before my shift ended on Sunday!!! Who goes to a different continent for that long?!

So the whole time I was friends with these people, I spent money that I couldn’t really afford to spend. Because it’s embarrassing to admit that you can’t afford to throw $400 a week away on cabs around central London. Or that you are drinking weird Polish Amaretto liqueur because Disaronno is out of your price range.

Obviously, I couldn’t get a bank loan. Because I was a student who wanted money to drink in bars that only bankers and reality TV stars usually frequent, and therefore a liability. So I decided to go to one of the title loans places near me and risk my god damn car to look equally as ‘fortunate’ as the people around me.

And that’s why I now use 3 mediums of public transport to get to work in the mornings. Priorities people, get them right! Also go found the loan here if for the curious: http://www.financeflamingo.com/payday-loans-near-me/